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Festive- The Best Raw Food Christmas Recipes
This eBook contains the most flavour rich, luxury recipes that are not only incredible for the Christmas and Holiday season, but any time of the year. You will find 30 recipes with stunning photography. Everything is as always absolutely free from gluten, dairy, soy and wheat, but definitely not the taste!

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Are you ready for the most exciting and healthiest Christmas ever?

A Christmas in the Raw doesn't mean any of your favourite spices and flavours have to be compromised, in fact this year they are bigger and bolder than ever!

Just take a look at what my brand new downloadable book 'Festive- The Best Raw Food Christmas Recipes' is all about...

I decided to up my game and commissioned a food photographer for this book. Hello! The best decision ever! Alys Rowe is also a kiwi living in UK, she is super friendly, fun, approachable and not to mention- Talented! Please check out her website and get intouch with her direct via


* 42 full colour page eBook with the most stunning photography

* 30 of my very best and most delicious Christmas recipes

* Drinks, sauces, sides, meals, desserts and snacks

* Only the healthiest enzyme and nutrient rich raw ingredients for every recipe

* Easy to follow instructions

* Only 7 of the 30 recipes require a dehydrator

* A Merry time

I know right? There are many more recipes and pictures in the book, here's what you'll get:

Nut milk Nut Nog (egg free nog) Hemp Chai Immunity Shooters Kombucha Mimosa Cashew cream Cranberry chutney Raw food mushroom Gravy Caramelised onions Mushroom jus Spreadable cheese Chilli Mango boats Sweet potato mash Cream of pea soup All the trimmings salad Stuffed peppers Mini Raw Pizzas Beetroot soup Chinese Winter salad Raw Food Nut Loaf Candied nuts Dehydrated Cinnamon cookies White Chocolate Orange Cream Berry Cake Ginger crunch cookies Christmas pudding Raw Food Christmas Mince pies Vanilla frosting Boozy Cream Very berry raw food trifle Raw Chocolate fudge

Are you ready to make it the most memorable energising Christmas ever? Download your own copy in seconds for just £15 (approx US$24)
please see 'Description' for everything included

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reviewed by: heilysplinter

Dec 09 2013
At the beginning of December looking at the ebook makes me really think of healthy and very good food for christmas - even trying to tempt my family to come along eating raw ----

reviewed by: ivinee

Jan 21 2013
This truly inspirational and mouth watering ebook made me understand that Christmas time also is an amazing time to be a rawfoodist :D Here's all I needed to feel festive, indulgent and treated. Full of gorgeous photographs, nice layouts and easy instructions. Already looking forward to next year's! Xx

reviewed by: betterrawadmin

Jan 19 2013
Beautiful! I now know why your mum is drooling so heavily! Thank you for choosing the e-book route. It reduces not only the expense (especially when ordering from Canada!) but also the carbon footprint.... not to mention how I enjoy the instant gratification of receiving the book within minutes of ordering it! Now.... to decide which recipe to make first; Hmmmmmm. - Shelby Worts

reviewed by: betterrawadmin

Jan 19 2013

reviewed by: betterrawadmin

Jan 19 2013
truly stunning photography, well done Tanya on creating edible heaven and Alys on capturing it. Jessie Jabobs

reviewed by: michelle

Jan 19 2013
Before I found this book of raw Christmas recipes I thought I was going to be embarrassed at xmas time by bringing along my salad to the dinner table, and all the questions that came with it. But instead I impressed my friends and family with beautiful mince pies, desserts, yummy drinks and gorgeous salads. Raw Christmas is easy! And no long hours in front of the oven :)

reviewed by: janemarsland

Dec 11 2012
The recipes all look very easy to make and delicious. Just the right selection of foods without too many ingredients

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