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Nourished- Comforting Raw Foods for Winter
This stunning full colour eBook contains 39 of Tanya's most carefully selected recipes to feel warm, comforted and nourished during winter and beyond.
Everything is as always absolutely free from gluten, dairy, soy and wheat, but definitely not the taste!

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As it gets colder outside and we shift a gear towards hibernation, our body starts to ask for more warming, grounding and comforting foods.

I have created my brand new downloadable book with the intention to give your body that rest and nourishment, which Mother Nature longs to shower you with, when temperatures drop.

This is 'Nourished- Comforting Raw Foods for Winter'...


* 71 full colour page eBook with stunning photography

* A collection of 39 carefully selected recipes for winter

* Drinks, Breakfasts, Sauces, Sides, Snacks, Meals and Desserts

* Only the healthiest, enzyme rich and nutrient dense raw ingredients to every recipe

* A list of my top tips to eat and stay raw when it's cold

* A guide to local and seasonal produce

* Easy to follow instructions, including selected step-by-step images

* A full glossary list with suggestions of where to shop for your superfoods

Here are the glorious recipes you will find inside:

Nut/Seed Milk Green Vitamin C Spiced Hot Chocolate ‘Beet It’ this Winter Ginger Heathers Pecan Pie Smoothie Apple & Cinnamon Chia Pudding Crunchy Granola Clusters Veggie Crisps & Chews Long-Keep Ketchup Range Dressing Warming Avocado Fries Tanya’s Onion Bread Sweet & Tangy Cabbage Salad Pesto Courgette Crispies Bacon Wanna-Be’s Crunchy Croutons Creamy Mash Cheesy Kale Chips Cream of Mushroom Soup Butternut Squash Soup British Savoury Pie Curried Winter Sun Burgers Hearty Kale saladRoot Veggie Satay Noodles The Fastest Disappearing Stuffed Mushrooms Raw Vegan Chili ‘Never Miss Meat’ Strogonov Thai Curry Noodles ‘Roasted’ Veggies Indian Curry in a Hurry Spinach & Cheese Quiche Frozen Acorns King of Pumpkin Pie Dense Chocolate Mousse Traditional Apple Crumble Carrot Cakes & Cream-Cheese Icing Honey Pear & Walnut Cake Lucuma Custard Cream

Would you like instant access to all the recipes, tips and tricks for your healthiest winter ever?
Download your own copy in seconds for just £15 (approx US$24)

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reviewed by: ivinee

Jan 21 2013
This book has been a real raw life-saver over the colder and darker months - both fresh, comforting, and inventive new takes on more traditional dishes. All super inspirational and truly yummy! Great also to have on hand when wanting to impress non-rawfoodists ;) Favourites are, amongst many, the Ginger Heaters, Warming Avocado Fries, Root Veggie Satay Noodles, the 'Never Miss Meat' Stroganoff, and sweeet treats like Frozen Acorns and Traditional Apple Crumble. This ebook is a must have for your recipe section in your iPad library!

reviewed by: rockingrawgeous

Jan 18 2013
Beautifully organised into Tips, Drinks & Breakfasts, Snacks & Sides, Meals and Desserts this bounty of heart and body warming raw recipes have been unending fun to make, and they are easy ways to impress non raw foodies too! I have so many favourites from this book that I don't even know where to start! All I can say is I'm so glad it's still winter so I can continue to make all of these gorgeous raw delights! Thank you Tanya for making raw food so easy and so delicious x

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